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Telehealth - Physio by Video

Telehealth Physio is an online video consult using your computer, tablet or phone.

  • It has been proven to be a safe and very effective form of treatment which you can do from the comfort of your own home.

  • It is convenient for patients, families and carers.

  • You will be provided with a clear explanation of your condition and a personalised plan on how to treat / manage it such as with a progressive exercise program.

  • You can access telehealth on most devices including computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets / ipads.​

  • The video link is very easily set up - you do not need to be technically savvy to be able to use it. 

  • We provide a free 15 minute phone call with a Physio to discuss the suitability of your condition for Telehealth.

If you have any questions regarding Telehealth Physio please don't hesitate to call or email us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my injury is suitable for telehealth Physio?

  • Most injuries can be treated successfully by Telehealth Physio. It is used to assess new conditions or maintain your treatment program.

  • We provide an initial free 15 minute phone call with a Physio to discuss the suitability of your condition for Telehealth. 

How can a Physio treat my injury by telehealth?

Your telehealth appointment will be fairly similar to a face-to-face appointment including the following:

  • An in depth discussion with the Physio about your condition.

  • Further assessment such as asking you to do certain movements or other tests that the Physio can see on the screen.

  • A discussion of the findings of the assessment in detail.

  • A clear explanation of your condition.

  • Advice and education about your condition.

  • A personalised treatment plan on how to treat / manage it.

  • Prescribed exercises are provided via various means including an excellent application called PhysioApp which allows you to log into the exercises with you phone or computer. ​​ 

  • The Physio may do the exercises with you to help with explanation.


How will my Physio know if I am progressing?

  • Your clinical notes will be reviewed at each follow-up appointment and your progress will be tracked via exercise prescription software.

  • Your Physio is an expert in managing your treatment and understands exactly what to look for to ensure that you are improving.

  •  Detailed questions about your pain may asked or you made need to show the Physio how well you can move in the affected area.

  • There will be a check to see that you are doing the exercises correctly.

  • The Physio will adjust your treatment as they monitor your progress in exactly the same way that they would in the clinic.

  • With guidance from your Physio, you have control over your own rehabilitation and recovery. This will also help reduce the chances of reinjury.

  • Your care will be in line with the latest physiotherapy knowledge and evidence, the same as you would receive in a clinic appointment.


Do I need a referral from a Doctor to use telehealth Physio?

  • No, you do not need a referral to have Telehealth Physio unless it is via Workers Compensation, Veterans Affairs or Medicare.


Can I get a Private Health Insurance rebate for telehealth Physio?

  • Yes. Many private health Insurance companies are now providing rebates for Telehealth Physio consultations. These include HBF, Medibank, GMHBA, BUPA, NIB, AHM, Police and Defence Health

  • You should contact your private health insurance company regarding this.


Can telehealth Physio be used for the following?

  • Workers Compensation injuries

  • Department of Veteran Affairs 

  • Medicare 

Yes, but these all require a Doctor's referral. 

How do I get online for the appointment?

  • This is very easy using our specialised secure Telehealth system. You do not need to install a program.

  • A laptop is best but an ipad, tablet, smart phone or other computer with a camera may also be used.  

  • Prior to the appointment we will email you a link which you will click on. This will automatically start the video hook up. We will also attach instructions.

  • We will contact you by phone to check if you have set up.

  • If there are any issues we are there to help over the phone and we can do a test run prior to the appointment.

How should I set up?

  • Set up the laptop or other device on a table or desk for the initial part of the appointment where you will be sitting.

  • If you are using an ipad, tablet or smart phone you will need to prop this up so that it is vertical. It is best not to hold the device by hand.

  • It is preferable to also have somewhere that you can stand or even lie down to enable some of the testing or exercises to be conducted.

  • A quiet setting is best

What should I wear to my appointment?

  • We suggest you wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow access to the relevant body part.

Is telehealth as effective as face-to-face consultations?

  • There is lots of evidence that shows that physiotherapy via telehealth is just as effective as face-to-face consultations.

  • Many components of a telehealth consultation are no different than a face-to-face appointment.

Is a telehealth consultation safe?

  • Telehealth consults allow you to continue your treatment without interruption and without putting you at risk of further injury or health deterioration.

  • They are as safe as regular face-to-face appointments.

  • Your physiotherapist is trained to manage your safety and will carefully assess risks.

  • They may ask you to have a support person with you if they identify any risks, or they may advise that you don’t use telehealth if they do not think it is a safe and effective treatment for you.

How is my privacy protected?

  • Your physiotherapist is trained to manage your safety and will carefully assess risks.

  • Your physiotherapists will maintain the same level of privacy standards as they would if you came into the practice, and adhere to national privacy laws.

  • You can discuss with your physiotherapist how privacy is managed in their practice if you have any concerns.

  • If they wish to record images or video of your consultation, for example how you are performing certain exercises, they will ask for your permission first – you do not have to agree to your session being recorded if you do not want to.

How can I make a Telehealth appointment?

To arrange a booking please call us on:

08 9581 2966

You will be provided with the information to set up for the video link.

Please do not book using our online service. 

How do I pay for my appointment?

Payments are done on the day of the appointment by either of two methods depending on your preference:

  1. By credit card over the phone 

  2. Credit card payments can also be processed through a secure system where an invoice is emailed to you and will enable immediate payment.


Halls Head Physiotherapy is proud to deliver a high quality Physiotherapy service. If you aren't 100% happy with the quality of the consultation we will:

1. Give you a full refund of fees paid for that consultation and

2. Give you your next follow up treatment session for free.


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